Example 1: Written Report

 *This is an example transcribed/written interview for a reference.



Name: Dora

Country she’s from: Peru(?)

Occupation: “Born-explorer”





What brought you to this country?

My thirst for adventure

Was it difficult to meet new people, friends, contacts, etc?

Not at all! people love me since I am bilingual!

Did you finish High School here? (If yes) Is there somebody that motivated you to go to College? Did you have any mentors that helped you through the process?

Yes! I finished school here! As  I am a well rounded person that knows and speaks to languages they even put me on TV!!!

Through College what was hard as a Latino?

Nope!! All my friends wanted me to provide them for Spanish answers in exams, Spanish boyfriends/girlfriends, etc… I am as a counselor to them!

How do you keep your culture alive? What do you do with your family that is specific to your culture?

I talk Spanglish. In my daily life I am a hybrid. I mix-up the two languages and cultures in every aspect of my life: When I talk, eat, dance, joke, etc…

Was your accent an obstacle to your career as a professional here?

No!! They love me as much as Sofia Vergara!!!

Do you think we have  competitive disadvantages or advantages being a Latino in the U.S.?

It was an advantage!! love it!!!

What is your favorite Spanish word? And Why?

Paella!!! love food, which is very important in my culture. Love to eat!!!

What would be your advise to young Latino starting out in the U.S.?

Be yourself. Embrace the culture in the U.S., and also contribute your own culture into it. Also, don’t forget to have fun with good looking American men!!!



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